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1977 Gottlieb's Fabulous "Solar City" 2 player drop target vintage pinball machine in beautiful all round condition. Freshly restored Jan. 2012 Solar City is ready for your game room. Two player machine based on Pinrescue's favorite "El Dorado" Fantastic drop target game 15 drop targets to light specials , extra balls, and a count up end of ball bonus. Super strong playing with rebuilt flippers and pop bumpers lots of 1970's vintage pinball fun! Rare two player version of Target Alpha lowest production replay game in the El Dorado series. Vivid colors on "Solar City" that could work in your game room.

Fantastic features found on "Solar City"

  • 15 Drop Targets including the longest shot in pinball the top right drop target is further away from the bottom flippers then on any other game new or old due to the unique way the ball enters the playfield.
  • Count up bonus at the end of every ball
  • Specials and Extra balls Double Bonus on last ball in play
  • Four Flipper Fun with an unusual mix of two regular 3" flippers and two retro old school small flippers up top.

Super fun game play on Solar City so good Gottlieb made 7 different versions of this machine over an incredible 9 year period 1975 El Dorado (PinRescue's favorite!) 1975 Gold Strike (the add a ball for NY state), Canada Dry (only exported to France) Lucky Strike (only exported to Italy), 1977 Target Alpha 4 player 1984 El Dorado City of Gold (digital version) and this rare two Player, 1977 Solar City. The best looking one of the bunch.

Don't wait as Pinrescue sells these late 70's drop target games in this condition as fast as we list them. We have safely shipped all over insured safe shipping runs around $400 to the west coast.

Nice original cabinet excellent backglass and really nice playfield, meticulously restored mechanically and extremely dependable. The youngest machine that pinrescue works on as the next year 1978 pinball went digital, pinball machines started talking and the world lost something special. Pinrescue has shipped to 3/4 of the 50 states insured inside delivery ready to play runs $400 in the lower 48.

Price $2795
 (sold Bexley OH) questions? or 215 354 0906

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